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Ike’s Love & Sandwiches Coming to El Segundo

With over 800 sandwiches already on (and off) the menu at Ike's Love &; Sandwiches, founder Ike Shehadeh says that neither the inception of new sandwiches nor new locations of the eatery will slow any time soon
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Cali Clouds Forecasted in University Park

Finally, somewhere to get your vape coils, cat food, CBD gummies, frozen dinners, cigars and paper towels all in one place! Cali Clouds will open in University Park in February.
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Piara Pizza Opening on Los Angeles’ Westside

Ready-made cheese and pepperoni pizzas are always hot and ready to go for rushed customers at Piara Pizza. With locations springing up throughout California, pizza lovers on Santa Monica Boulevard will soon have a faster, cheaper pizza joint
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