Lady & Larder to Open Second Storefront in Santa Monica

All of the accouterments to sate your dinner guests before their main meal — along with just about everything that pairs well with cheese — will be stocked at the Santa Monica retailer
Buffalo, barbecue and jerk wings are coming to the Crenshaw Farmer's Market and the corner of Crenshaw Boulevard and Stocker Street this February
With over 800 sandwiches already on (and off) the menu at Ike's Love &; Sandwiches, founder Ike Shehadeh says that neither the inception of new sandwiches nor new locations of the eatery will slow any time soon
Thin-crust East Coast pizza is coming to Culver City this Spring
After a renovation and remodel of their original building, ZJ Boarding House in Santa Monica will return to their home of over three decades
Joshua Pourgol is bringing thin-pressed patties designed to make you "lose your cool" to another storefront
The historic MacArthur building will be given new life via restoration and new purpose as a hotel
The new online outlet will go live in February and will operate out of South Park
Les Sisters' will bring everything spicy, smoked and soulful to to your plate at another San Fernando Valley restaurant this Spring
Top-notch Kobe and wagyu steaks are coming to West Hollywood this Fall
By Valentine's Day of this year, Merlin and Latoya Garcia hope spread their love for their Trinidadian culture further throughout Los Angeles from their new West Century Boulevard kitchen
Reducing your waste footprint can be difficult — a new food delivery company aims to make"hacking the trashcan" more convenient
Just smashing! The upcoming restaurants will bring the total number of Smashburger restaurants in California to eight
Finally, somewhere to get your vape coils, cat food, CBD gummies, frozen dinners, cigars and paper towels all in one place! Cali Clouds will open in University Park in February.
Just What I Kneaded's summer opening was wildly successful, even amid a pandemic. Now, the quick-to-sell-out vegan bakery is opening a second store in Loz Feliz
Ready-made cheese and pepperoni pizzas are always hot and ready to go for rushed customers at Piara Pizza. With locations springing up throughout California, pizza lovers on Santa Monica Boulevard will soon have a faster, cheaper pizza joint
Stache will be a "social house" for the LGBTQ+ community in WeHo
Forty years after taking L.A. by storm with their floral, herbal, locally-atypical Persian ice cream, Mashti Malone's is coming to Westwood
Giang Huynh and Johnny Quan want to give their customers the depth of flavor and taste of their culture while sparing them the burn of traditional Vietnamese cuisine
The new S & J will still serve breakfast, while dinner will be on the menu at the taqueria

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