Hank’s Bagels Owners Choose Sherman Oaks For Bigger, Second Storefront

Husband and wife Trevor and Kelley Faris will debut the new bagel shop in the former BLVD Kitchen space in late-2020 or early-2021.
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On the heels of opening Hank’s Bagels in Burbank last year, Owners Trevor and Kelley Faris are hoping to get things started at a second location quickly. The rapid expansion, even amid the pandemic, is in an effort to streamline the bagel-making process to keep up with rising demand — something they weren’t initially expecting.

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Their future Sherman Oaks Hank’s Bagels will be at 13545 Ventura Boulevard in the former BLVD Kitchen space. “I’ve been looking for a bigger location for a long time, many months, just scouring the listings,” Trevor told What Now Los Angeles. Luckily, they had a realtor friend who helped them land their new Sherman Oaks location.

Hank’s Bagel’s second location is a bigger space, about 2,500 square feet — big enough for elbow room while making the bagels, and as production ramps up, the space will ensure quality standards are met. It will also act as a central location for the company — a commissary kitchen of sorts — where the duo can deliver their products and reach a larger area as Hank’s Bagels continues to grow and increase capacity. Hanks Bagels started out as a bakery, making different kinds of bread, sandwiches, and bagels but it was the bagels that gained the most popularity — so they decided to focus on that.

“This is generally a pretty tough time for our industry,” Trevor said. “It’s exciting to be able to not only stay in business but we’re are able to grow a little bit and grow our capacity at this time. We feel extra grateful for this opportunity.” 

The Hank’s Bagels team is hoping to open up three or four more locations with no immediate plans to do so. As for the Sherman Oaks location, look out for a debut in either December or January after the couple remodels the new space and puts their “stamp” on it.

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