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GiftAMeal is a local marketing program for restaurants that feeds families in need in the communities you serve. Our goal is to bring your guests into a fun, free, and engaging give-back experience that makes them feel good about choosing your restaurant. It takes 15 seconds for the guest to participate -- simply scan a QR code to launch GiftAMeal on their phone, take a photo of their food / drink / experience, and we make a donation to a nearby food bank to help provide a meal to a local family in need. Guests are then invited to share their photo on social media to give additional meals (while promoting the restaurant in an uplifting way to all their friends). 1,000+ restaurants participate and over 1.7 million meals have been provided so far!

Business Benefit: On average, partner restaurants have seen that guests using GiftAMeal return 39% more frequently, spend 20% more per check, and tip 32% more than other guests. This is due to the guest forming a stronger emotional connection with the restaurant, encouraging them to become better customers. Plus, there's the benefit of getting your guests to promote you on social media, and the positive PR you get for participating and making an impact.

Operations: There is very little effort required from staff or operations -- all they need to do is put up promo materials so guests know how to participate, and guests start snapping photos. And then on the 1st of each month, you get a monthly update email with a dashboard where you can see your impact, access social media graphics to share your impact, and view and download all of the user photos in case you'd like to use them in your marketing efforts.

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