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Many restaurants can be forgettable, but not if they have their work completed by Sound Decision AV. Many commercial audio visual installation companies cannot provide the level of service we can, with year of experience in installing audio visual control system to allow you the ability to manage your customers experience from you tablet or mobile device. With exciting new technology and innovations a perfect setting is only a click away. With the right tools and experience to help you along the way. Sound Decision is the leader in Hospitality Services. From sports bars, fine dining, fast casual dining, to night club audio video, we have the experience to provide professional consultations to help you put the best experience in the market to your customers and patrons.

Modern Technology Want to turn your lounge or bar into the ultimate entertainment zone? Need an overhead projector to drop out of the ceiling when your screen comes out of the table? We like to dream big. Sound Decision is the leader in Hospitality Services in and around Los Angeles. Not sure about that? Visit one our the locations we've done an installation at to see how level of performance. Try out Luxe Hotel – City Center Los Angeles, Pitfire Pizza – West Hollywood, Border Grill – Mandalay Bay, or Gracias Madre to taste their delicious food and enjoy our complete audio visual experience.

Seamless Integration

Sound Decision specializes in seamless integration. Hidden control panels and wireless aesthetics to improve work space and transform any room. Nothing is more dangerous on the job than lose wires hanging around to trip an employee or customer. We know the importance of a job done right and will make sure your av solution is right for your budget and location. Contact us today to work with our experts to transform your space into the ultimate entertainment resource. We have a passion for high quality audio design.

Assistance? No problem.

We proudly provide all technical and support assistance needed. We supply our team with all the tools and training necessary to fulfill every clients needs. Our long history and heritage of customer service excellence show our passion for top notch audio visual control systems.

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