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Protect your business. Protect your employees. We have a complete insurance portfolio to create customized programs that eliminate coverage gaps and target your business needs, so you do not overpay for coverage.

Industry Experts Since 1985, Tagrisk has been the leading insurance hospitality specialist, insuring restaurants, bars, nightclubs and cannabis industries. We know that integrity, innovation, and top-tier customer service are essential to our relationship with every business owner. We aim to protect your business for success!

Better Coverage Our broad-based carrier access enables us to offer the best rates and personalized programs designed specifically for the unique needs of our clients. We understand your risks and will create a plan offering you protection that eliminates gaps and ensures confidence in coverage. From Commercial Property, General Liability, Cybercrime, Foodborne Illness, Active Shooter, and EPLI to Workers Compensation with easy pay-as-you-go plans, we've got you covered!

Better Value On average, we save new clients anywhere from 20-40% off their current insurance costs, giving you more coverage while eliminating coverage gaps. We've saved our clients money on insurance so they can use the savings in other areas of their businesses. For example: Hooters West Coast locations over $250,000 savings // Blaze Pizza $85,000 savings.

Phone: 888-475-1553
Primary Services
  • Hospitality Insurance
  • Hotel/Motel/Boutique Resorts Insurance
  • Cannabis Insurance

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Larry Anaya

EVP & Partner

Frank Iniguez

Hospitality Risk Specialist (Se Habla Español)

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