Wildflower Winery Will Soon Acquire Its First Brick-and-Mortar

The woman-owned and operated Wildflower Winery has landed a spot in Ventura
Wildflower Winery Will Soon Acquire Its First Brick-and-Mortar
Photo: Official | Wildflower Winery
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Wildflower Winery — owned by Natalie Albertson — will open at 4517 Market Street, Suite 7, in Ventura according to a liquor license filed with The California Department of Alcoholic Beverage Control. The intel was further confirmed by Wildflower Winery’s Instagram in a post showing the space’s interior:

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“This is ours. Our own space in Ventura,” the photo’s caption reads. “Picture this filled with tanks, barrels, cased wine, and a big table to host friends for tastings and dinners. Wildflower Winery is brick and mortar and we are so excited to have you here! Coming early 2023!!!”

Prior to this adventure, Albertson solely distributed her small-batch, low-intervention wines to retailers throughout the Greater Los Angeles area, including Happy Place Craft Beer Wine & Spirits, Littlebear Bottleshop, Cornell Winery & Tasting Room, Paradise Pantry, Sunburst Wine Bar, and WEST Tasting Room. 

Albertson’s “wildly drinkable” wines are made in Ventura County from California Central Coast grapes. She ensures that the grapes used for her vino are picked “for optimal acidity and sugar to decrease the likelihood of the wine needing additions such as water, acid, and tannin.” 

Of her creations, Albertson tells The Femme Vine, “A misconception about wine is that you have to analyze it, drink it a certain way, or drink a certain ‘type’ of wine. I just want people to drink what they love. If you like wine, drink it. If you put an ice cube in your wine and that’s the way you prefer it, then screw people who judge you. Life is short.”

Photo: Official | Wildflower Winery

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