Kale My Name Heading West from Chicago to Encino

The second location comes months after the restaurant's one-year anniversary
Kale My Name Heading West from Chicago to Encino
Photo: Official
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A 100 percent plant-based restaurant and bar called Kale My Name is expanding to a second location in Encino, located at 18000 Ventura Blvd.

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The new restaurant is expanding from its original location in Chicago and moving into a new 2,000 square-foot area. Owner Nemanja Golubovic tells What Now Los Angeles the company hopes to open its newest location by the end of November 2021. The restaurant itself celebrated its first anniversary last April. Now, the kale-obsessed restaurant gets ready to head to the very vegan-friendly Los Angeles.

Kale My Name first tried to open early last year, but the pandemic pushed plans back. The restaurant finally opened in the Albany Park neighborhood in April 2020. When they did, customers flocked to the restaurant in search of a healthier alternative. One of those to praise the new restaurant is actress Tabitha Brown, who is also a vegan and a co-owner of the Encino location. Their main and brunch menu offers more than enough for vegans and non-vegans alike to find something delicious.

Their brunch, served Friday to Sunday from 11 am to 4 pm, has almost every savory or sweet morning treats you can think of, including breakfast burritos, brunchpanadas, sweet waffles, and chilaquiles. As for their main menu, customers can expect a variety of appetizers, salads, wraps, and desserts, plus a Mexican-fare section and some all-American favorites. Most food choices are either gluten-free or soy-free. Both menus feature an extensive beer, wine, and mocktail/ cocktail list, as well as several smoothies and shakes.

Another big draw to the restaurant is their afternoon tea parties, available every day from 11 am to 5 pm. Each tea set comes with organic hot tea, oat milk, monk fruit sweetener, lemon, avocado toast, ajvar and pita, vegan cookies, and a drink. Although reservations are required, tea party hats are not, despite being highly recommended. These tea parties will cost an additional $35 at the original location.

Kale My Name, named after the well-known Beyonce song, “Say My Name,” are big fans of Kale. Their website lists ten reasons why Kale is beneficial, including being an excellent source of Vitamin C, K, Beta-Carotene, and more. The many health-forward residents of Encino and Los Angeles County should flock to this new restaurant once it opens.

Kale My Name Heading West from Chicago to Encino
Photo: Official
Joey Reams

Joey Reams

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Lydia Gibbs
Lydia Gibbs
1 month ago

We will be there!!!!!!!!!!!

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